For Our Employers

We offer a values driven organisation where the values are reflected strongly in the hearts minds and actions of all of our employees.

Genuine Care - We are not transactors. Our business is people and we seek to delight our stakeholders by treating them with humanity and warmth.

Courage to Stretch Beyond - This underpins our values set. Stretching outside our comfort zone to ultimately benefit all stakeholders epitomises how we approach our decision making process.

Do the Right Thing - When faced with a range of options, we do what is right, not what is necessarily easy.

We Before I - No individual can sustain success whilst working in a silo.

We Offer A Clearly Defined Career Development Program

Career development and learning programmes Career development and learning programmesYour personal development is crucial to the continuing success of the Company as well as your growth as an individual. Training is regarded as an essential long-term investment to help each employee make the most effective contribution to the business and achieve their full potential. We have comprehensive in-house training programmes that are specific to business needs; however these may be complemented through external programmes that can offer immense value both to individuals and the Company.

We offer career pathways to international Recruitment Consultancies including Australia, Asia and Europe.

​Staff Benefits

Flexibility Of Working Hours

We appreciate that work and non-work activities are rarely mutually exclusive and that sometimes priorities need to be juggled to ensure everything gets the attention it needs so that you can perform at your optimal level.

One of the great things about working at Chandler Macleod is that we have a reasonable amount of flexibility around how we organise our work - if flexibility around the days or hours you work is important to you, talk to us about how we might accommodate your needs.

Whatever your circumstances, we can usually accommodate the early risers, the night owls, the fitness fanatics, bath and bed time for the kids.

Learning And Development

To achieve our purpose of 'Unleashing Potential', Learning and Development programs are an essential long term investment in your future success and therefore ours.

Not only will you receive best in class training in Recruitment and Selection, you will also be encouraged to develop wider career skills through an array of in-house programs.

To give you a feel for what's on offer, topics range from Business Development to Leadership and Management Development Programs and a number of short sharp programs to really hone your technical skills. We also have a number of ancillary services that complement our core business of Recruitment and training is provided for those who are ready and willing to broaden their skill set to deliver these services.

Financial support for external training may also be available to enable you to pursue tertiary study or other courses of interest

Annual Leave

Everyone enjoys the gift of time and you'll find that our leave programme generously rewards your loyalty, commitment and performance.

This is not just about additional leave (although this is a benefit you'll really enjoy) but it's also about giving back to you through birthday days off and to support voluntary causes or charities of your choice.

Remuneration & Rewards

To attract and retain the best people at Chandler Macleod, our aim is to pay employees on a daily basis that is fair, competitive in the markets in which we operate and which recognises the contribution of each individual to our overall performance.

In addition, we wish to provide an environment that encourages, supports and rewards employees who make a commitment to stay with the Company, who meet and exceed the performance criteria in their roles, contributing increasing value through the development of relationships with our Clients and Candidates over time.

To achieve these objectives, your total remuneration consists of the salary and other benefits that apply to your role, taking into account your individual performance, the performance of the Company as a whole, and your length of service.

Talk to us about how our remuneration programme can work for you.

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