Chandler Macleod believes that every person, team and organisation has potential. We believe we are the best people to help them unleash it. We believe that if individuals unleash their potential, teams benefit, organisations benefit and our country benefits.

With this statement comes obligations and we believe in unleashing the potential of our diverse workforce, customers and all of our stakeholders in an environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, bullying and any other unlawful behaviour. We promote respect and fairness.

A culture committed to diversity and inclusion is more than a corporate goal of Chandler Macleod.

Chandler Macleod will demonstrate our commitment to these principles through our policies, practices and programs which promote a culture of diversity and inclusion. Measurable objectives will be set for the organisation to reinforce these initiatives and ensure success.

We have a responsibility to all of our stakeholders to ensure we have a culture which encourages diversity and inclusion.

We are members of the EEO Trust who assists employers in introducing and managing proven EEO thinking and practices, encourages diversity by promoting the recruitment and development of people on the basis of merit and generates awareness of the business benefits and rewards of an inclusive workplace.