At Chandler Macleod, Safety underpins everything we do. Our range of safety services has grown to better support you to plan, source, assess, develop and manage for optimum Workplace Health and Safety. We are proud to have created safety programs for some of Australiasia's most iconic companies and we understand that a successful workplace safety strategy needs to go beyond issues of legal compliance - real safety is not just ticking boxes, it's capturing the hearts and minds of the staff that must carry it out, every working day.

Protecting Your Most Precious Investment - Your People

The consequences of neglecting safety in the workplace include high social and financial costs in the form of higher workers compensation claims and premiums, increased commercial and legal risk to senior managers, and downturn in productivity. Less measureable, but no less important, is the impact that neglecting safety can have both on staff morale, and on the reputation the company portrays to its internal and external stakeholders.

Going The Extra Mile To 'Think Safe, Work Safe, Go Home Safe'

Chandler Macleod Group's dedicated Work Health & Safety team is always looking for innovative and imaginative ways to get the safety message across. Some of the initiatives we have introduced on behalf of clients across an array of industries have included:

  • SMS Injury Alerts

  • First Three, Injury Free system

  • Monthly Safety Surveys and Feedback forms

Our work in Safety takes in all levels of staff, from front line workers through to senior management.

Services To Keep Your Workplace Safe

It's common knowledge that safe working environments provide businesses with benefits beyond injury management, including enhanced productivity, employee engagement and quality of work, and reduced absenteeism and unwanted turnover - all of which have a substantial impact on the bottom line.

What would it mean to your business if you could objectively assess a potential employee's propensity to work safely, before you hired them? Chandler Macleod can access a range of safety assessment tools, including:

Pre-employment medicals

  • Aptitude for Safety Assessments, e.g 'risk taking' and 'decisions making'.

  • Beliefs and attitudes towards accident prevention.

  • Tendency to take safety precautions.

  • Mobility assessment tools.

Safety @ Cmg

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  • Safety Life Saving Commitments

  • Winner of RCSA McLean Award for Workplace Safety 2014, a prestigious industry safety award recognising a company or an individual's commitment to workplace safety activities, a specific workplace safety solution or a specific workplace safety system