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Why It's Not Worth Tampering with Your CV

If anybody’s been following sports news recently, specifically in cricket, they’ll know why it’s not a good idea to tamper with things. That includes your CV. Chandler Macleod's Pete Dallimore tells us why lying on your CV just isn’t worth it, here.


AI’s Impact on Recruitment? Yeah, Nah.

With the recruitment landscape in a constant flux of change, AI has caused quite the stir in recent times. OCG's Pete Dallimore discusses why AI will never replace our jobs as recruiters.


Keeping Up with Changing Candidate Expectations

Money and security is out, culture and values are in – candidate expectations and priorities are always changing but keeping up is crucial if you are to continue to attract top talent. Chandler Macleod’s Deanne Pinto explains how, as well as how she adjusted to the changing landscape, here.


Practical Tips for Effectively Implementing Wellness Initiatives – Featuring Four Key Employers

In our latest whitepaper, ‘What is Workplace Wellbeing? The New Zealand Perspective’, we took a look at how wellbeing initiatives are being implemented across New Zealand workplaces. As part of our research, we spoke to representatives from a number of prominent organisations, all of whom are at different stages of their wellness journey. Read their insights here.


Why Reflection is Key to a Successful Career Move

It’s that time of year again where we all start to think about making changes, and this can often include a desire to look for a new role. If a new job is on your wish list for 2018 then before doing anything, ask yourself: have you REALLY thought it through? OCG’s Julie Cressey shows the value of self-reflection when planning that all important career move.