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Protecting Your Employer Brand

Nicki Triggs explains why a positive employer brand is crucial in attracting quality talent and how to improve yours by targeting your hiring process.


Overcoming Hiring Challenges in NZ Contact Centres

The NZ Contact Centre is facing a raft of hiring challenges, but with a few key changes they can be overcome. Louise Cunningham and Clare Lawrence discuss.


The Evolution of Recruitment: What Has Changed In 25 Years?

The landscape of recruitment has changed significantly over the last few decades, yet the core values for employers remain the same. Donna Freeman offers her insight into the ways that she has seen recruitment evolve over her 25-year career, here.


Changing Jobs? 3 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Transition

Although you may be prepared to start a new accountancy role, a change in industry, business size or structure could be more than you’re accounting for. Here’s a few helpful tips on how to best manage this transition.


Addressing the Challenges of the Future of Work

With the world of work undergoing massive change, we recently released our latest whitepaper to uncover what NZ businesses are doing to adjust to the changing workforce. To share some of our findings, Executive General Manager, Greg McAllister, discusses.