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Committing to Temping and Building Your Career

Temping can unlock exciting opportunities to further your career, but it does require commitment. Chandler Macleod’s Jude Byrne discusses the importance of committing to temping and provides tips on how to get the most out of it.


My Brave Decision – How My Weakness has Made Me Stronger!

Our Sales and Service Manager, Fiona Tolich, has been on quite the journey. In this very personal story, she discusses a cause that is close to her heart, and how adding ‘social consciousness’ to your career might just be easier than you think.


The Importance of Customer Feedback in Contact Centres

Around 40% of Contact Centres in New Zealand don’t have a viable system for receiving customer feedback. Contact Centre Recruitment Specialist, Clare Lawrence, explores the importance of customer feedback in Contact Centres and how it can be used to improve service, here.


How to Improve Employee Engagement in Contact Centres

After launching our second Benchmarking Whitepaper, it got us thinking about employee engagement in Contact Centres. Chandler Macleod’s Louise Cunningham discusses some fresh ideas to address the issue, and why it needs to be driven from the top, here.


Why Benchmarking Is Important

Chandler Macleod recently partnered with CCiNZ to produce a benchmark report for phone-based roles across New Zealand. This year, we listened to feedback and included more New Zealand-specific benchmarks, uncovering a number of key trends and challenges. Chandler Macleod’s Rebecca O’Hagan discusses why benchmarking is so important here.