Two-Thirds Would Quit For More Flexible Job – Ocg Group Survey


Key findings from the report are:

  • Only 28% of respondents have formal flexible working arrangements

  • Of those currently on a formal flexible working arrangement 69% were female with 'caring for family members' being the primary reason for needing flexibility

  • 46% of workers in the 31-45 year age group work flexibly

  • 80% of respondents stated work-life balance as a key benefit for flexible working, followed by 57% improved physical and mental well-being, and 48% the ability to balance caring responsibilities with work obligations

  • 49% of Millennials stated pursuing personal hobbies as the primary reason for wanting flexibility

  • The number one barrier in applying for flexible working arrangements is an organisational culture of 'presenteeism' or the need to be "seen at work", versus output.

  • However those companies who have embraced flexible working report an impressive 71% positive impact on employee commitment and engagement, and as a result increased loyalty and staff retention.

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