Time at Home? Tips to Get Job Search and Interview Ready

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Self-improvement activities are often put on the backburner as both our social and professional situations present more pressing cases for the use of our time. However, with recent global events necessitating time at home, many of us are seeing our diaries clear, giving us the opportunity to get around to those me-tasks that we’d love to be doing, but can’t find the time for.

Perfecting the art of interviewing and optimising our portfolio of job seeking attributes are on many professionals lists to get done, well now we can! In this blog post we’ve brought together a number of educational pieces produced by Chandler Macleod designed to make you an attractive, discerning job seeker and how to nail an all important interview question (whether on the phone or video) when you get there! Click the headings to read more.

1. Simple Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Innumerable innovations have been applied to the humble resumé over the years to help candidates pop off the page. Despite this, there remain several principles every effective resumé should be utilising.

2. Questions to Ask When Seeking a Fulfilling Job

Securing a new job can feel like it’s all about answering questions, but those who achieve true professional fulfilment take the time to ask these important questions about what job satisfaction means for them.

3. How to Answer this Common Interview Question

This one comes up in some form almost every time a candidate and interviewer meet. But what’s the best way to handle it?


For more information on how the team at Chandler Macleod can support you in identifying and maximising opportunities in the job market, contact one of our consultants today!

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