Are you tempted to Temp?

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​Are you tempted to temp? Curious to see how you could make temping work for you? How does it work, is it the same as contracting, how do you get paid, what about support?

All these questions and more are answered below. Jo Philpott and Krina Patel, Chandler Macleod Recruitment Specialists, explain how becoming a temp could be the best idea for your career.

Being a temp is often seen as a less reliable source of income, more short term, for students or part timers only. That is far from the truth. Being a temp can be a fantastic opportunity to trial different companies and industries, cover gaps in your CV, grow your experience, and/or have the flexibility to match your lifestyle.

What is temping?

Temporary assignments, or ‘temp work’ is defined as short-term contract work with a company through an agency for a certain amount of time or until a project is completed. Candidates looking for work register with a recruitment or temping agency of their choice, and as the agency gets assignments, a consultant will get in touch with the candidate if the assignment meets their skillset.

Assignments can range in length, most are short term between 1 week and 3 months, but they can also last longer, be extended, or even be turned into a permanent position. It is all about what the company needs at that point in time and being able to jump in and hit the ground running. They may need an administrator to cover maternity leave for 6 months, or a payroll assistant to help the finance team while they look for a new permanent employee.

Why temp?

Support from your recruitment agency

Rather than being employed by the company you are working for, you are employed by the recruitment agency. This means that you have a dedicated recruitment consultant who has your best interests at heart, rather than the interests of the company you are working for. They will check in with you, make sure that you are enjoying your role and receiving the right support to succeed.

Test drive companies, industries, and roles

Temping is a great chance to ‘trial’ different roles, industries, and companies. One month you could be an administrator, the next you could be a marketing coordinator. You could have the opportunity to work within a government organisation, or in a law firm, or for a small family-owned business. Depending on your skills and experience, it’s an excellent way to gain experience and dip your toe into different roles and industries, especially if you are not sure what kind of role you are looking for in the long term.

Network while being paid and gaining experience

Networking is often one of the hardest ways to build your career, but as a temp, you can go into different organisations, meet industry professionals, and build you network, all while being paid and gaining experience. The best part is – when your temp assignment ends, you still have those connections, making it that much easier to find your next opportunity!

Cover gaps in your CV

Whether you are waiting around for that perfect full time permanent role, saving up to move overseas, looking to earn while studying, or looking for flexible, part time work, temping can help! With short term temping opportunities always being available, you can pick and choose how often and how much you are working, making it work for you and your schedule.

Key differences to contracting

The beauty of temping and being employed by an agency, means that you don’t have to set up your own business, be GST registered, or file your own taxes like you may have to if you were a contractor. All of the beauty of flexibility and picking your own assignments, but none of the paperwork!

How does temping work with Chandler Macleod?

  1. You register with Chandler Macleod

  2. Chandler Macleod will contact you and ask you questions about your availability, experience, and preferred type of opportunity

  3. Our consultants will arrange a time for you to come in and meet with them to get a better understanding of your experience and what you are looking for next. Getting the fit right for you is important to us

  4. When an assignment comes up that fits your criteria and skills, we will get in touch with you and discuss this opportunity with you in detail

  5. Chandler Macleod will send you a job description if they’ve been provided with one otherwise, they will talk you through the role

  6. If you would like to be put forward for the role, Chandler Macleod will send your CV and references over to the client

  7. The client will let the agency know if they’d like to interview you. Your consultant from Chandler Macleod will advise you where you need to go, who you will be meeting with and the style of the interview, so you are well prepared

  8. After your interview – we do ask that you contact your consultant at Chandler Macleod as we love to hear your thoughts on the meeting

  9. Chandler Macleod will let you know the outcome and provide you with feedback. If you’re successful in securing the role, you’ll receive confirmation with start date/time etc

What can you expect throughout your assignment?

  • You will complete your timesheets weekly on our online portal by end of business Friday each week

  • Paid weekly on a Wednesday

  • Your consultant will check in with you after your first day to see how you are

  • Consultant will be in touch with you throughout your assignment to give you the best candidate care

  • Regular coffee catch-ups with your consultant

Are we tempting you to try temping? If you’re interested in knowing more about our temp opportunities and how you could make temping work for you – get in touch with our team today!

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