At Chandler Macleod Group, our intent is resolute - safety always comes first, and we hold ourselves and our clients accountable.

Chandler Macleod will comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

Our agreements with all our clients stipulate that the Client shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of the Temp in the Client's place of work and will make available to Chandler Macleod and to the Temp a list of identified hazards that pertain to that place of work and a copy of its Occupational Health and Safety procedures.

All candidates registering with us must sign a declaration before they interview with us to state any health concerns that may prevent them from being able to work safely in an assignment (this includes Occupational Overuse Syndrome).

Temporary employees are provided with a copy of the health and safety policy, and the process to follow to ensure their safety when working in an assignment.  This document also gives the temp instructions on what to do if they have safety concerns or if in fact there is an accident whilst on assignment.

Temps are asked to immediately report any unsafe work conditions, inadequate or incorrectly working equipment or other hazards that
occur at the Client’s premises that could affect a Temp; and immediately notify us of any accident which occurs on the Client’s premises which involves a Temp.

All temps are issued an assignment briefing upon accepting a temporary job so they are fully aware of all expectations and appropriate dress code.  If any PPE gear is required for site, we issue this prior to their assignment commencing.

Once a temporary employee starts an assignment, our Chandler Macleod consultant makes a site visit to conduct an Occupational Health and Safety Onsite Workplace Questionnaire. 
This form covers off all key and relevant health and safety induction information. A copy of this form is attached for your reference.  With Health and Safety being so important – this forms helps protect our clients, our temporary staff and ourselves.

In the unlikely event that a candidate or contractor is injured at work, Chandler Macleod has specialist teams of Injury Management professionals to ensure timely and effective medical care and treatment. Working closely with a network of experienced occupational professionals and treatment providers, all injuries are treated with the highest level of care for a speedy and safe recovery.

If you have sustained an injury, illness or are involved in a near miss while onassignment, contact your local Chandler Macleod office by phone immediately.

Temps must also take personal responsibility for immediately advising Chandler Macleod if they begin to suffer any medical condition or injury caused by gradual process, disease, infection or accident — for example hearing loss, repetitive strain injuries (OOS) — whether or not that condition or injury was caused while in the employ of Chandler Macleod or otherwise.

All our Temps must also adhere to Chandler Macleod's Occupational Health and Safety Policy — Temporary Employees.