Full briefing by client specifying target talent - Define talent profile (skills, competencies, behaviours and abilities) and the requirements that sit 'behind the position description' such as fit with company culture, etc. Understanding at this point is critical to the success of an assignment.

Multiple sourcing strategy - Identification of prospective candidates via a tailored strategy involving any or all of: The Chandler Macleod Database, Research & Sourcing, Market Mapping, Media Advertising, International Recruitment Partnerships and Social Media & Networking.

Assessment - Structured behavioural - Our rigorous ongoing training programme at Chandler Macleod ensures industry 'best practice' and protection of your 'talent' and recruitment interview brand. We interview and select for talent, fit and competencies so your candidates are well screened.

Client Interview Assistance - Chandler Macleod can provide GENIUS Interview Coaching™ - a tailored one-on-one, just-in-time coaching service that ensures a line Manager is 'match fit' for interviewing.

Assessment - Personality and Ability Testing - Occupationally based candidate testing can be used to supplement interviewing as a selection method. This includes the Chandler Macleod, Saville Consulting and Saville and Holdsworth testing suites and is conducted at Chandler Macleod by our Registered Psychologist.

Assessment - Reference Checking - We're looking for 'proof of performance' and client 'fit'. Training ensures high standards and a balanced approach are applied. A minimum of two relevant, recent reference checks are required - each with an evaluative report.

Negotiate Offer - Consultants will carefully manage client and candidate expectations throughout the process so that ideally, expectations are aligned by this stage. Our consultants will negotiate the offer and manage communication between client and candidate.

Client Service Review - A critical part of the process to ensure continual improvement from Chandler Macleod. We also provide assistance to you on ways to enhance your brand.

Candidate Follow up - We take being 'Unleashing Potential' seriously. Follow-up with candidates placed in permanent roles occurs after 1, 3 and 6 months. For contract and temporary roles, follow-up occurs regularly throughout the duration of the assignment.