Recruit The Best You See.

One of the key things you can be sure of is that recruiting the right people for your organisation is only getting harder.

  • Smart, creative, educated, flexible business people are becoming scarce as our economies grow. Key influencing factors include: an ageing population, intra-industry competition, inter-company competition and New Zealanders being in demand overseas.

  • So your most important task is to populate your organisation with the best people you can find... then keep them!

  • Genius™ - Talent Identification coaching has been developed by Chandler Macleod to enable you to recruit the best people you can get.

What Is Genius?

Genius is an interview coaching tool that up skills and empowers recruitment managers in best practice interviewing techniques.

Genius will enable you to:

  • Identify the best people that you see (whether internal or external).

  • Help win external candidates for your business.

  • Achieve greater consistency of recruitment methods across your business.

  • Better manage internal applicants.


The personally tailored Genius - Talent Identification™ coaching programme is delivered only by the most skilled, professionally trained interviewers from Chandler Macleod (typically at Director level), and Chandler Macleod sets the industry benchmark for this skill set.

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