A Shotgun Or A Rifle...How Targeted Is Your Employment Advertising?

We know from our experience that traditional recruitment advertising such as job boards and newspapers are only attracting <20% of the total candidate pool.

Therefore an active candidate sourcing program featuring these types of media alone should only play a very minor role in any recruitment campaigns.

How It Works

Chandler Macleod Online Advertising Solutions are highly targeted online advertising campaigns that:

  1. Target

    - those not actively seeking a new role.

  2. It's online recruitment advertising that appears only on websites, profiles, apps or specific details based on the candidate profile we are looking for.

Using targeted online advertising- Google Ad Words, Facebook and LinkedIn we can pinpoint candidates online by:

  • Location

  • Demographics

  • Education

  • Likes & Interests

  • Connections

  • Workplace

Now also featuring mobile targeted advertising-ads that are designed specifically for mobile and click through to our mobile supported site.

Mobile Advertising Has The Added Benefits Of:

  • Capturing candidates at any time whilst on the move.

  • One ad features on the mobile screen at any time- allowing users to focus on just the one ad message.

  • Lower cost-per-click.

  • Increased exposure of the role.


Cost Effective

All of our online advertising is based on 'Pay-per-Click' solutions.

As a result our campaign costs rarely exceeded $500 and in some cases have delivered outstanding results for less than this.

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