As the global war for people resource heats up, so does the need for creativity in recruiters and employers strategies to attract the best talent. Especially hidden talent. With demand for top talent rapidly outstripping supply, the ability to recruit critical positions will quickly become a competitive advantage for our clients.

Chandler Macleod's Research and Sourcing Team has the expertise to ensure you have a timely access to all the talent in the market of your choice - particularly hidden/unknown talent that is hard to reach.

Our Research And Sourcing Services Include:

Research Assignment

Typically used for:

  • For hard to fill business critical roles.

  • For areas of most critical candidate shortage.

  • For assignments with a degree of confidentiality.

The Research Assignment is conducted by a fully trained and experienced Research Consultant. Expert in specialised market research and deep internet mining techniques. This approach culminates in a shortlist of highly relevant and interested 'passive talent' for further evaluation and selection.

Market Mapping

Is required to:

  • To map scarce/critical position across one or multiple industries.

  • To map various positions within a market segment.

  • To talent bank for clients who want a 'ready to go' list of talent to select from.

Market Mapping Process:

Market Mapping is highly tailored to every project. Effective for charting immediate 'passive' talent and ongoing talent banking in the market of your choice. This ensures the 'best' talent is identified, approached and managed for you.



Our Research Assignment results are compelling. Research assignments across a wide array of positions have very quickly identified and qualified a large number of 'passive' candidates. These candidates had not, nor would have expressed interest in these particular assignments... in fact, had not heard of them.

Of those 'found', a large percentage expressed further interest in the assignment and went further. This significantly added to the candidates available for selection. You will have the opportunity to have your assignments discussed with 'almost all' who are interested... not just those identified via traditional sourcing methods.

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