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Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric Assessment

To deliver ongoing success and achieve sustainable competitive advantage, it's essential for organisations to align their people and culture with their goals and objectives. Through our assessment solutions, we can help you take the first step towards achieving this by identifying BestFit™ individuals to join your company, analysing areas for employee development, measuring team effectiveness and evaluating organisational culture, HR frameworks and your workforce structure.

Our assessments for selection measure candidates' skills, personality style and drivers against the specific competency profile of the role. And including:

Benefits of Psychometric Assessment:

  • Helps to predict behaviours likely to be seen on the job.
  • Helps determine if the candidate has the behavioural qualities or competencies that best fit the role.
  • Identifies whether the candidates cognitive skills are in line with role demands.
  • Will help managers induct prospective employees into a business.
  • Will enable the manager to understand how to manage each individual.

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