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Source BestFit™ talent

Today's competitive landscape requires a strategic approach to identifying and sourcing critical talent, organisations can no longer rely on traditional channels. At the core of our recruitment and selection process is our BestFit™ methodology, tailored to the needs of every position at every level of every organisation.

At Chandler Macleod we believe that Behaviour is a function of the person and the environment. We call this BestFit™:

  • BestFit™ provides a deep understanding of how a candidate might fit within your organisation , not just for the position but also the organisational culture, management style and team environment.
  • BestFit™ increases the accuracy of selection and recruitment which means more actively engaged and productive candidates, less turnover and increased performance.
  • Our BestFit™ Promise means we will identify the best person available in the market, not just the best person who applies for the role.

Our BestFit™ Consultants

All of our consultants are trained in Chandler Macleod BestFit™ Selection. This is an intensive and ongoing professional development programme which provides our consultants with the skills to make excellent selection decisions in conjunction with you.

Taking an Effective Assignment Brief

We will work with you to identify both the technical skills, knowledge and experience required as well as the personal traits that mean your new staff member 'fits' your organization and team.

Sourcing candidates

We will utilize a range of sourcing methods to identify a 'best in market' shortlist to match the brief. This includes our comprehensive Database and a mix of Social Media, Research and Sourcing, specialist Job Boards and relevant Online Forums. And of course word of mouth and referrals.

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Structured Behavioural Interviews

Every candidate recommended by Chandler Macleod will be full assessed for BestFit™ to your specific role, using our unique selection methodology which is based on the Schmidt and Hunter scale of Best predictors of future performance in employment.

We also offer Genius Interview Training- a customized, one-on-one interview coaching module that up skills and empowers recruiting mid-senior Managers in 'best practice' interviewing techniques.

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Structured Reference Checks

Your preferred candidate will be thoroughly reference checked with the most recent and relevant referees

BestFit™ Assessment

Where appropriate Psychometric Assessment of your preferred candidate will be completed and a management guide provided to you

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Our BestFit™ Guarantee

We are confident that our BestFit™ methodology means that we will get it right first time - guaranteed!

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